Court martial arts have been developed with human history. Goryo Dynasty succeeded to martial art culture of Three-Nations and established Muyebeyolgam. Chosun Dynasty founded Muyecheong (Martial Arts Authority), chose warriors for their martial art skills and encouraged people to learn martial arts. In the 14th year of King Jeongjo's reign (1790) Deok-mu Lee published a book to systemize martial arts under the order of the King, which was "Muyedobotongji 24 bangi".

Court martial arts had been inherited to several guides as specially inherited secret arts. Before 1960's, the late Hae-taek Park, Great Saint Jangyong and Mr. Hee-dong Park were the successors. I (Mahn-dong Park) was trained from 1960 till 1970 from the above Court Martial Art Skill Holders and taught our traditional martial arts for 30 years till 1990. During the period, I collected skills scattered all over Korea and established "Korea Martial Arts Association" on the 22nd of June 1990 with the permission of Minister of Culture and Tourism according to Article 32 of Civil Act.