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It is pleased to meet you through the Internet.

Our Association has been developed owing to the interest and attention of those who have interest in the enhancement of everyday life physical education for martial art propagation and development.

We wish it could be an opportunity to propagate Court Martial Arts, the Korean traditional martial arts, and to awake the spirit of people and could be sublimed to the place of the national integration. Additionally, we would like to develop the Court Martial Art to a global art, promote international cultural exchanges and nurture athletes who could serve for the nation.

I would like to dedicate myself to traditional martial arts propagation, martial art school establishment, international missionary physical education center and social welfare business (charity for senior citizens, youth, the handicapped, men of merit, special missionary business).

Finally, I pray that God will give me the force of Samson and Wisdom of Solomon. Please encourage me to achieve the goal and participate in the businesses together.

- Korea Martial Arts Association
- International Martial Arts Union
- International Art Missionary Center, Chairman of Preparation Committee
  Chairman Mahn-dong Park

Experiences in Martial Arts 40 years (1960-2010) Royal Court Martial Arts 10th Grade, Hapkido 9th Grade, Taekwondo 9th Grade, GUMDO 9th DAN
Education Graduated from Theology Department of Anyang University. Graduated from Administrative Graduate School of Dankook University. Graduated from Physical Education Graduated School of Kyeong Hee University. Doctor of Philosophy of Lagas State West Africa Theology College
Career Chairman of Korean Martial Art Association, Chairman of Korea Martial Art School Establishment Propelling Committee, Chairman of the HQ of Keyong Hee Seong-do Gym, Minister of Korea Martial Art Players and Entertainers' Church, On Air in KBS and MBC TV (Korea Now, Morning Health Exercises)
Publication Health Management Exercise of Modern People, Textbooks of Court Martial Art Association
Articles A Review and Vision of Physical Education Missionary Works, Gymnasium Management for Activation of Social Education, A Study on Management Status of Gymnasium
Award Award of Minister of Administrative Office, Award of Seoul Police Office, Award of the Chairman of the Association of Koreans in LA, Award of People's Government of Yeongil, China, Award of the Chairman of the Association of Italy